People at the Helm

Mr.Anil Khurana

(M.Pharm PGJMC)

Director Marketing and Operations

A Visionary , Innovator and Motivator
Responsible for Many Successful Start-ups. A Motivator who Resuscitated Many a Sick Endeavors.
With an experience of more than 25 years in Pharma Marketing and Print Promotion. Ethical Product Promotion has been his strong point with a liberal dose of innovation and out of the box thinking.

Ms Veena Khurana

(M.Pharm PGDMM)

Creative Director

with an experience of over 22 years in pharma marketing,sales,training,dispensing and manufacturing.
Dedicated to providing rational and authentic product information for the medical fraternity and the masses, she believes in NO SUPERLATIVES in pharma marketing. A stickler for quality she aims at maintaining quality of the “Medicinal Information” too. For her “an undiluted ,all inclusive and un-tampered knowledge of drugs” is the ONLY way to extending ACTUAL Healthcare.


Renaissance PPPW is a COLLECTIVE Effort. if it was not for the team of dedicated and conscientious work force Renaissance wouldn’t have created a Niche for itself. Renaissance PPPW extends the services of Qualified team of professionals , Dedicated staff of committed innovators, visionaries and hard workers

The Designing Team

Young and Enthusiastic the Designing team is the BEST thing about Renaissance. Though experienced the designing team doesn’t shirk from innovating ,experimenting and self challenging. An idea for them is unachievable till only the time that they have not attempted it.

The Training Heads

Best in their respective fields, with years of experience in MNCs at high positions and with Proven Records of ACHIEVEMENTS.

The Accounts Managers

Handling Money is a mere job for them.Well mannered, Honest and Understanding ,they believe in SOLVING issues not creating them.

Die Cutting and Lamination Force

Actually a force to reckon with. An eye for details, precision and an inherent understanding of their profession, they don’t make compromises on their skills.

The Administrative & Dispatch Team

Focused , Responsible and Resourceful, no place is unreachable for them. Presentation, Secure & Timely dispatch are their strengths.
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